The Show Must Go On!

During the hot summer months of covid-19, actress Madeleine Barker created a delightful performance of In the Wake of the Willows from inside her converted closet. Ordinarily, she would have recorded in a professional sound booth, using their mics and recording equipment.

Through determination, perseverance, creative thinking and the help of sound engineer Joel Thibodeau, Madeleine was able to create a sound booth in her apartment. Joel and Madeleine worked together to replace her mic with one better suited to her needs, then tweaked, and re-tweaked settings until they achieved the professional results they were looking for.

Removing all extraneous noises from motors and electrical devises meant no fans or air conditioning. Madeleine braved the closet recording sessions during the hottest August on record.

She then sent the each clip to Joel for editing, to us for review, and then headed back into the sound booth. In the end, Joel sent us the finished chapters, and Amy submitted them to Audible for review. Two months later, the audio book went live.

We are so grateful to Madeleine and Joel for transforming Fred’s words into this magical performance.