Whispering Waxwings

Blueberries are ripening, but the catbirds, and now the waxwings, are cleaning them up before I can get to them.  I still found a few and the picking was very pleasant because I was listening to the waxwings whispering to me, and enjoying the scent of swamp azaleas.IMG_6195

Scented Air

Today I cycled through some coastal pitch pine forests and discovered that it is peak swamp azalea bloom.  The air was filled with the heady, perfumed scent of this azalea mingled with warm pitch pine needles and salt air.  Oh what a glorious bike trip it was!  For someone interested in nature, this is probably the absolute best time of year to bike…


Mr. Toad


Interestingly enough a firefly showed up on my screen the night before the book release party and flashed and flashed in a most insistent manner.  This has not happened in 3 years and the last time it did I was confined to by bed with an injury and writing my book.  Is that firefly trying to tell me to get cracking on the next edition?  If so, it is working…

Also of interest is the toad, yes a toad, that showed up on our porch just after the party.  He is still there.

BIG Library

Library of Congress Envelope

Did you know…?  One copy of every newly published book, that is registered with the Library of Congress, must be sent to Washington DC to be added to the biggest library in the World.

I thought I’d have some fun sending ours off in style.    AT


On my bike ride this evening, everything seemed sere and toasted.   Maybe it is the drought and hot weather (90’s), but the scenery is burned up.   The black cherries are gone (so quickly it seems) and the beach plums are also gone.  Will we get grapes this year with all this heat?  I tried for elderberries at Beavertail last week, but Beavertail was toasted also.   Summer is burning out.