Bobolinks are back in force

Gina Purtell and Lauren Miller of the Massachusetts Audubon Allens Pond sanctuary told me that there are about 15 pairs of bobolinks in the Allens Pond field  and an amazing 4 pairs in the meadow next to the field station (across from the Bayside restaurant).  I hope to arrange a trip with some local home-school children (who have read my bobolink chapter) to see these birds

Redstart heaven

I somehow survived the winter and now find myself at the beginning of another glorious summer.  For some reason the American Redstarts have been all over the yard.  These delightful tropical migrants are like miniature orioles.   I suspect that they had large clutches last year because of all the caterpillars; they especially love the winter moth caterpillars.


I have been hearing  a Great Horned Owl hooting before dark pretty close to my house.  He is setting up territory for the winter and no doubt interested in the mice around the chicken coop.

I was really thrilled to also hear the lovely whinny of a screech owl in my front yard, right near the owl box I put out for him some 10 years ago.  He was in the box last year for at least one night.  Is he back in the box?  Did he find a mate?