I have been hearing  a Great Horned Owl hooting before dark pretty close to my house.  He is setting up territory for the winter and no doubt interested in the mice around the chicken coop.

I was really thrilled to also hear the lovely whinny of a screech owl in my front yard, right near the owl box I put out for him some 10 years ago.  He was in the box last year for at least one night.  Is he back in the box?  Did he find a mate?

The Glorious Nocturnal Fiddlers

During my evening bike trips I have noticed a changeover in the insect life.  The fireflies are almost gone, but the crickets, grasshopper, and katydids are getting louder every night.  If is funny how we tune out these insect troubadours, but you should take a few minutes to stop and listen.  It is the glorious sounds of the high summer and will last until the first frost.

The birds are moving about and as I write this, a veery is doing his pan-on-his-pipes song, but in a whisper version of it.  Still a few yellow warblers; they should have moved south by now so I wonder if I am hearing migrants; it is poignant to think that they will not be back until May, 2018.

Early Owl

I was up before dark feeding the chicken on this lovely day and a screech owl started his horse whinny at me.  It is a little early for them to be establishing winter territories; maybe he thought I was muscling in on his mouse supply at the chicken coop.