Frederick Thurber


For about 20 years Mr. Thurber wrote a nature and bird watching column in various newspapers in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including The Providence Journal.  Recently he recorded an audio version of one of his nature essays (about fireflies) for the Rhode Island National Public Radio station.  He has also written some scientific articles on fisheries and birding (including an article for an ornithological journal, The Bird Observer, about the hermit thrush: An article Mr. Thurber wrote about a fly fishing retreat for men with cancer will be published in the Big Sky Journal in 2021.  In the Wake of the Willows is his first book.

In addition Mr. Thurber writes an occasional wine blog for the Standard Times of New Bedford, MA.

Mr. Thurber grew up in Providence, Rhode Island (about 100 yards from H.P. Lovecraft’s Home), and graduated from Brown University in 1983.  His grandfather was a cousin of James Thurber.