Perkins School for the Blind

On the 15th of November, Amy and I will be doing a presentation on the audio production of In the Wake of the Willows for the Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library (library for the Perkins School for the Blind). We are honored to have this opportunity to share our work. This program will give the students and alumni of the School a chance to go behind the scenes of the production of an audiobook and listen to some entertaining clips from the auditions and the snippets from the book.

2 thoughts on “Perkins School for the Blind

  1. Congratulations to you both on this interesting opportunity. This may be an anecdote that absolutely everyone knows. But, on the outside chance that you don t, here goes. When the Isabella Gardner Museum was about to open she wanted to be sure that the acoustics in the Music Room were perfect. But she didn t want anyone to actually see it until the grand opening. So, a group from Perkins were invited for a private concert, a “prelisten”, very intentionally not a “preview.” Really like that, thought you might, too.


  2. Wow, what an interesting story. I had not heard it before. Thanks for posting it.

    Amy and I saw The Miracle Worker (with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke) last night; it is about the Perkins school and Helen Keller. What an amazing movie. The sound track was not so good (it is an old movie) so we missed some of Anne Sullivan (Anne Bancroft)’s dialog (very important dialog from what we could gather), but it was still a very powerful movie.


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