Informational Fiction?

Supposedly “Informational Fiction” presents facts and information within a fictional story. Would In the Wake of the Willows qualify? I think so since the natural history and locations are all accurate, if whimsical, and possibly displaced in time; that pesky Carolina wren and the persnickety mockingbird were rare in Rickie’s day, but their behavior is correct.

BTW, there is a sequel in the works to In the Wake of the Willows. It has been tentatively named The Following Sea. It will feature adventures on the Elizabeth Islands, smuggling, shipwrecks, secret codes, ruthless croquet, and even some ontology by Mr. Rat and his daughter. It would also appear that Toady has reverted to his bad old ways as we assumed he would,…or is he being framed by someone who wants to discredit him?

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