2nd Edition Now Available


Happy April Fools, but this is no joke.  It’s the day the 2nd Edition of In the Wake of the Willows was born.  It also decided to defy the signs that Spring is here by showing us a bit of snow.  Ah well, the newly arrived winter wren greeted us this morning with his bubbly song, and the grass is decidedly greener on this side of the calendar.

Ironically, In the Wake of the Willows begins it’s story on a fine day in mid-April.  Join in the adventure.  When we hold a book in our hands during these difficult times; we can take a journey, become inspired, fall in love, or forget, forget, forget…

The 2nd Edition tells the same wonderful story, but with new material, added paragraphs, more full page illustrations, and a new postscript, and appendix.  My favorite new addition is the Song of Spring.  Look for it in the Epilogue.

During this time of COVID-19, our local book sellers need your support.  Please contact them to get your copy of the 2nd Edition.

Elizabeth at Partners Village Store can take your special orders and have them available for pick up at their take-out window: https://partnersvillagestore.com/books

Titcomb’s Book Shop fills online and phone orders for delivery or curbside pickup: https://www.titcombsbookshop.com

See our website for more info on how to get your copy: https://willowslink.wordpress.com/home/available-at



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