Blueberries and Swamp Azaleas

blueberriesI was out clipping weeds in our back 40 and noticed a blueberry bush with ripe blueberries!  We have zillions of wild blueberry plants but have never harvested any blueberries; we previously got small yields of green BBs that were immediately eaten by the catbirds when they ripened.

This year was different; maybe it was the wet spring or maybe the pruning.  A couple of years ago I did a heavy pruning of the blueberry bushes in the hope of stimulating more fruiting and subsequently forgot about the bushes…until today.  We have BBs everywhere; apparently there are too many for the catbirds and waxwings to eat!  These  are small wild BBs but still quite good.

As an added bonus, the swamp azaleas were adding their exquisite scent to the air as we picked.

The picking was rather romantic since one of first dates was a blueberry picking expedition some 21 years ago.  Today has turned into a delightful day.

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